bunnyrots commissions!

21 year old cartoonist at your service!
I draw cartoony anthros and humanoids, will also draw ferals! Can do most species! Feel free to DM me on discord or twitter! I'll get back to you as soon as possible! (find my contact at the contact section!)

Examples and pricing

Headshots/busts - $6
I can make these icon-styled if you ask! No extra charge

Halfbodies - $10

Fullbodies - $15

Chibis/minis - $8
Usually drawn on a smaller canvas

Symmetrical pixel headshots - $5
Can be either 100x100 or 200x200, please specify in your order! (will default to 200x200 if not specified)

Symmetrical Customs - $12
Anthro customs drawn symmetrically.

TOS + more info

- I accept my payments through paypal, I only take USD
- Turnaround time will usually be a week or two after the piece was commissioned, if anything gets in the way that prevents me from finishing the commission in the span of one to two weeks, I will let you know.
- If I for any reason haven't finished the commission after a month a refund can be requested.
- I try to give my commissioners frequent updates and WIPs of their commissions.
- If you post my art to toyhouse please credit me by the username "pAperchAsed"!
What I can/will draw
- Anthro and feral animals!
- Most species, feel free to ask
- Clothes and accessories
- Humans
- Couple art
- Mild blood
- Ask about substances in art, generally will do it if client is of legal age.
- Complex patterns (ask about this)
What I currently can't/won't draw
- NSFW content
- Complex armor, mech, or robots
- Heavy gore
- Anything racist, LGBTphobic, or generally made to hurt other people!


If interested in a commission please contact me on my Toyhouse, my Twitter or my discord!
My discord: bunnyrots#0222
Find my To do list here!